Saturday, 30 November 2013

In view of the series popularity, I regret that we will need to cap rider numbers at around 100 in 2014. This is to ensure that riders who enter the series have a good chance of getting a start in each of the counting events they enter. While many of the events have separate women's events alongside a men's event (ie 3 of the 4 Bentley course events and the National TT series event), in others we will need to compete with the men for places. I suspect that the promise of a large field of women hanging around at HQ, will make our counting events all the more popular with men!

From 2015 onwards it will be possible to arrange that all our events can accommodate a full field of women (ie 120 riders). But sadly 2014 will be a transition year where we have to squeeze our booming numbers into mixed fields. So it will be with a very heavy heart that some women will be turned away this year. Rest assured, efforts will be made to ensure greater numbers can compete in years to come.

Registrations have now been closed at the 92 mark for all categories except:-
  • Para riders
  • Juniors
  • Old Crocs! (women recovering from serious illness or injury)
  • Cat 1s/Elites
Those 4 categories are to be allocated the last 8-10 places.

Rebecca Slack - Series Administrator