Saturday, 29 March 2014

Well done to all the ladies who took part in the hastily rearranged SEWTTS #2. The conditions were near on perfect for the time of year with plenty of warm sunshine and a good breeze going. There were a number of riders popping their TTing cherry including Gemma Marshall, Dana Voysey, Rachael Peterson and Laura Cubiss.

Last week's second place rider, Detta Guerrini, took the overall honours today and was one of no less than FOUR women to break the old course record. Chapeau to Lizzy Brama, Jasmijn Muller, Helen McKay and Detta for doing that!

The category winners were:-

Novice: Sarah Phelps (following on from last week's win!) 29:05
Cat 4 - Elin Williamson 30:04
Cat 3 - Dana Voysey 27:19 (rider of the day given she was making her debut!)
Cat 2 - Helen McKay 25:06
Cat 1 - Detta Guerrini 24:42

I've updated the series points

Professional photos of the event
Catherine Gaskell - 2nd Novice

Lizzy Brama and Lucy Chittenden 4th and 6th overall

Monday, 24 March 2014

Well done to all the ladies who took part in SEWTTS #1 yesterday. I've been time trialling for over 5 years and have never seen a happier gathering at HQ after an event! The course was tough - and tested bike handling skills, bravery (on the descents!) and stamina. You'll be pleased to hear that they are not all as tough as that - although the flatter ones don't allow you to catch your breath on the descents so they are tough in a different sort of way!!!

The category winners are:-

Novice - Sarah Phelps 1:07:33
Cat 4 - Anna Marie Hughes 1:07:03
Cat 3 - Alice Lethbridge 1:02:51
Cat 2 - Jasmijn Muller 1:01:55
Cat 1 - Natalie Creswick 56:40

A break down of series points is given here:-

Huw Williams took some fantastic piccies of the ladies in action:- Take a look!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

In an attempt to ensure there is no recurrence of the capacity issue we unexpectedly encountered in event one, the organisers of event three have kindly agreed to extend the field size from 120 to 150 riders. This is excellent news!

As a bit of background, I selected this event as our third fixture as it is perfect taster to dual carriageway racing. The course is a mixture of A roads and a dual carriageway section of the A24 south of Dorking. Given the time of the morning that the event is run, you can be assured that all the roads will be very quiet. It was one of the first events I ever rode and I have fond memories of it as it is promoted by the Redmon CC which can best be characterised as a club full of gentlemanly old skool cyclists with a real passion for the sport! I'm sure they'll make a fuss of us all as they are used to having only 5-10 women at this event normally!

The event was due to start at 8.00am. If we exceed 120 riders however, the start will be brought forward accordingly, meaning a full field would see it start at 7.30am.

Entries for this officially close on Tuesday 25th March but early entry is encouraged so Mike knows whether he'll be needing the earlier start or not. No carrier pigeons required this time though - you can enter right

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Details available

Monday, 17 March 2014

STOP PRESS! Robin will take entries over the phone until Thursday evening. Email me if you'd like his number.

Due to the cancellation of the North Hampshire event on Saturday 29 March, the second series event will now be run on the SCCU Sporting 10 course in the Forest Green/Ockley area of Surrey. The course is quiet, rural, scenic and run around .

The organiser is positively delighted at the prospect of his event being flooded by women as it has on 55 entrants at closing date. He has kindly agreed to extend the closing date for us till this Thursday.

I'm afraid the only problem is that there is no internet entry for this so it requires you to fill in a good old fashioned . Then you'll need to write a cheque for £8 payable to Southern Counties CU and send it to:-

Robin Johnson, 7 Gorselands, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9TT

Do enter! I expect many won't which means EASY series points and points make prizes!!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Over capacity issue at the first event

Ladies - I'm so sorry that 7 women didn't make the "cut" for the first event in the SEWTTS series. I chose the series events very carefully looking for those that I thought had the capacity to accommodate our needs. I obviously spoke to the organisers of these mixed events too to explain that there would be a large influx of ladies as a result of the SEWTTS series so were they happy for me to put it on the calendar.

In terms of dull facts and figures, I searched the latest available records on the CTT website to see how many people finished each event in the series before deciding to put them in. (Not all year's results get posted on the CTT website though and some only show the finishers not the DNSers - these results show the latest available records).

Running through each of the events:-

Event 1) 50 riders entered, 12 DNSed. 38 finished
Event 2) 37 finishers
Event 3) 58 finishers
Event 4) 30 finishers
Event 5) This has a separate women's event so we are not competing for places with men
Event 6) Separate women's event
Event 7) Separate women's event
Event 8) The organiser agreed to give us a 50% allocation
Event 9) 23 finishers
Event 10) First come, first served rules apply
Event 11) Separate women's event
Event 12) 28 finishers

It is therefore unfortunate that our first event filled up this year. It was also hard for me to plan a contingency as, as of Thursday 6th March (just a few days before closing) there were 36 men entered and 33 women. It really didn't look like this event was going to reach its 120 field capacity. I wonder whether lots of men entered at the last minute because they heard a lot of youthful women were going to be riding!!!!

I can't promise the same thing won't happen again, but if it does I hope we will know well before the event closes enabling a category of riders to be diverted to an alternative event. The beauty of SEWTTS is that it's a series based on inter category competition so if the worse comes to the worst, the novices, say, could ride another event on the same day - either an open or club event.

As I say, had I known before Tuesday that the event would go from 57.5% capacity to 125% capacity in 5 days we could have done something about it. In this particular instance we couldn't. However that said, I'm very optimistic that all 7 reserves will get a ride.

The gods have not be kind to us in this particular instance. I've therefore put in a little request to them that you all have good weather and fast times next week to make up for it.

I look forward to meeting lots of you next Sunday.