Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Bath Road Hilly was the setting for SEWTTS #4. Despite the forecast of persistent rain deterring 5, 17 women bravely took to the start waiting for the heavens to open. They never did though! Well done to all who rode - the final hill on the second lap is certainly a challenge with 30 miles already in the legs and I'm sure most of us felt we would have been quicker walking up the hill than riding! Commiserations to Bronwyn Ewing who punctured on the second lap.

There was a photographer on the course and his photos can be found here.

The full results can be found here:-

The category winners are:

Novice: Sarah Phelps 1:38:54
Cat 4: Elin Williamson 1:40:18
Cat 3: Michelle Arthurs 1:31:02
Cat 2: Jasmijn Muller 1:25:19
Cat 1: Rebecca Slack 1:22:21

Category winners, Sarah Phelps, Elin Williamson and Jasmijn Muller (Absent - Michelle Arthurs)

Podium,  Jasmijn Muller, Rebecca Slack, Detta Guerrini

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Chapeau to all the ladies who rode in SEWTTS #3. The conditions were far from ideal with damp roads, persistent rain and a rising wind! Not surprisingly 10 of the 42 women on the start sheet decided to stay wrapped in their duvets this morning. There were two start line punctures too - chapeau to Suzanne Sison for carrying a puncture repair kit - she was able to repair it and set off 15 minutes later. Sadly little could be done to mend Sandra Blenkinsop's puncture so she borrowed a marshall's wheel and set off 7 minutes later. Jo Perry was determined to ride despite the weather and leaving her cycling shoes behind - she made a comical sight lining up at the start in her husband's size 11 shoes!

The results for the 3rd event can be found here:-

The very worthy category winners in this round were:-

Novice- Jen Allum 1:14:39
Cat 4 - Clare Gillott 1:10:34
Cat 3 - Michelle Arthurs 1:08:14
Cat 2 - Jasmijn Muller 1:01:06 (ride of the day and only rider to improve on SEWTTS #1 time!)
Cat 1 - Detta Guerrini 1:03:44