Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thankfully this was another event that the Met Office predicted would be a total wash out but turned out bone dry (just like SEWTTS #4!). I gather our counterparts in the Midlands Women's Series didn't have it so dry for their event this afternoon - and Laura Trott and Lucy Garner who both competed in this got a thorough soaking... We must thank our lucky stars!

A 10 mile TT on the undulating Bentley course was an easier task than the previous rounds but sadly a few ladies never made it to the start after getting stuck in traffic en route. Parts of the M25 became a car park I hear....  Despite the splattering of DNSers, it was the closest event yet in the battle for supremacy in the 3rd and 4th cat ranks....

The category winners who all took home either an LMNH hat or pair of socks and a Cookery Book were:-

Cat 2: Lizzy Brama 23:21
Cat 3: Alice Lethbridge 23:31 (Amy-Jo Clarke, just 4 seconds behind)
Cat 4: Ulrike Von Saldern 25:33 (team mate Charlotte Roberge just 1 second behind)
Novice: Jen Allum

The event was won by non Sewtts rider Emily Robertson in a commendable 22:04, from Danuta Tinn in 22:46. Lizzy Brama was third! Chapeau Lizzy!

The full results are available here:-

Photos from the event can be found here:

Lizzy, Alice, Ulrike and Jen

Sunday, 18 May 2014

This was our 2nd visit to the Bradfield/Bucklebury circuit and the weather couldn't have been more different between the two! Last time it was cold, the roads were flooded in parts and soaking wet elsewhere and rain threatened throughout. Today it was gloriously sunny and beautifully warm! More of the same please!

We were blessed by the presence of two world champions, Sarah Storey and Kate Archibald. However it was not Kate Archibald's day - she wasn't able to follow up on her impressive mid week tour series victory after first straying off course in Lap 1, and then puncturing in Lap 2. As a result Sarah Storey enjoyed a comfortable 5 minute victory over the rest of us mere mortals!

It was not the most competitive SEWTTS fixture regrettably with low entry numbers depleted further by DNSers across all categories. Everyone who has ridden this course seems to love it, so I shall still consider holding one SEWTTS fixture on it next year, but work harder on persuading you all to ride it!

Anyway, there were some outstanding rides by the SEWTTS ladies today! Category winners were as follows:-

Cat 2: Emma Craddock 1:28:24
Cat 3: Amy-Jo Clarke 1:27:03
Cat 4: Elin Williamson 1:40:22
Novice: Sarah Phelps 1:37:48

And the following recorded the best improvements over Round 4.

Sarah Cashman: +4:41
Charlotte Easton: +3:47
Sarah Phelps: +1:06

Chapeau ladies! Meanwhile yours truly was 39 seconds adrift on Round 4.......Grrrr!

A special mention too to Liz Rice who designed the SEWTTS website and rode her first TT today. Well done Liz - that is not an easy course to cut your teeth on!

Full results can be found here:-

Presentation and event photos will be available on the Kimroy website in due course:- Kimroy

Bee Gregorie, Dame Sarah Storey and Linda Endicott at HQ

Sunday, 11 May 2014

TTs don't get much harder than that! A nasty headwind and a partially sheltered tailwind makes for a very hard day in the office - particularly over 50 miles. Well done to all the ladies who rode - I think it shows what tough nuts you all are that no one DNFed despite the challenging conditions (meanwhile TEN men DNFed.... ). I think everyone is a winner for simply completing, but as ever, it's appropriate to identify the riders who outshone their peers to snatch their category prizes. Well done you!

The star performers were:

Cat 2: Lizzy Brama - 2:10:07
Cat 3: Alice Lethbridge - 2:18:11
Cat 4: Ulrike Von Saldern - 2:27:15
Novice: Linda Endicott 2:31:50

And here they are looking triumphant!

Linda Endicott, Ulrike Von Saldern, Alice Lethbridge, Lizzy Brama

The overall fastest were:-

1st Rebecca Slack 2:04:55
2nd Bronwen Ewing 2:09:02
3rd Lizzy Brama  2:10:07

Full results can be found here:-

There was a photographer on the course (Mike Anton). His excellent photos can be found here:- Charlotteville 50 piccies

Here's a few action shots that Charlotteville CC have already tweeted - all looking very pro!

Ulrike Von Saldern
Clare Campbell-Smith
Anita Jones

Suzanne Sisson