Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sewtts #8 turned into more of a regatta than a race! The start was delayed for 15 minutes due to standing water on parts of the course and for 15 whole minutes the rain stayed away. Predictably, it didn't take long for the heavens to open when the first riders were sent out on to course. There were some very cold and soggy ladies waiting down at the start..... and then there was Bronwen! *make note to self to pack husband and large golfing umbrella for all future events*

As someone sagely said.... "what do you expect - it's Wimbledon AND Glastonbury this weekend!".

Despite the inclement weather, there were a surprising number of PBs and 3 women rode faster than in SEWTTS 7 which was done in relative float conditions - in fact Sandra Blenkinsop improved her time by a whopping 1 minute and 23 seconds! Well done Sandra!

I was in awe of the resilience of all the women in the face of adversity - it seems that the possibility of earning valuable series points was foremost in people's minds and DNSing was not going to be an option. After all, series points = RAPHA GOODIES for the top 3 in each category at the end of the season. Well worth getting wet for! Meanwhile, the men seem less incentivised....

Well done to all who rode - and especially those who won their categories. The competition is certainly hotting up in the novice category where a mere 3 seconds separated the top 3!

Cat 1: Browen Ewing (3rd overall) 22:30
Cat 2: Jasmijn Muller (1st overall) 22:15
Cat 3: Amy-Jo Clarke 23:21
Cat 4: Anna Steadman 25:56
Novice: Kathryn Morris 26:32 and honourable mentions to Jane Dennyson 26:34 and Jen Allum 26:35

Jasmijn, Amy-Jo, Anna and Kathryn
Check out the full results and series league table here:-

Piccies of the soggy event can be found here:-