Sunday, 21 September 2014

Linda Endicott - Novice winner SEWTTS #12
The final event involved a long trek west along on the M4 to the other side of Newbury. The event was carefully chosen on the basis that the course was (supposedly) flat and quiet so would be worth the trip. It therefore came as a shock to me when I rode the course before the event to discover a 45 metre 1/8 climb at around the 1 mile mark. The course was used for the National 10 back in 2009 and it seems that the intervening years had eroded the gradients in my mind! Apologies for that! And it didn't prove to be as quiet as normal either as it clashed with both nearby Newbury Races and the Newbury Show. Such is life!

Anyway despite the not so flat and not so quiet course, there were some outstanding rides, so well done all!

Clare Campbell-Smith Cat 3 winner SEWTTS #12

Two rides stand out - firstly Jasmijn Muller did an amazing 22:35 to make her the 2nd fastest ever lady over the course we believe. That performance would have earned her 2nd place in the National 10 back in 2009, ahead of such cycling greats as Sarah Storey and Emma Trott. Well done Jasmijn - that's a good time on a drag strip and nothing short of phenomenal on the H10/3a with its gradients and abundance of road kill. Secondly Jacinta Moore who was delighted with her 32:35, a PB for her.

Category prizes for SEWTTS #12

The category winners for the final event were as follows:-

Cat 1: Bronwen Ewing 23:21
Cat 2: Jasmijn Muller 22:35
Cat 3: Clare Campbell-Smith 25:02
Cat 4: Anita Jones 27:54
Novice: Linda Endicott 27:56

Well done all!
Alice Lethbridge - Cat 3 series champion
The Rapha goodies pre the prize giving!

Linda Endicott - 2nd and fastest vet Novice category
Anita Jones - 2nd Cat 4

Jasmijn Muller and Rebecca Slack Cat 2 and 1 champions

Clare Campbell Smith - 3rd and fastest vet Cat 3

Charlotte Easton - best old Croc
Jacinta Moore - most inspirational rider

Unfortunately the Category 4 and Novice Category winners couldn't make the prize giving - I'll add some piccies of them in due course!

If there was an award for style, it would surely go to Jasmijn Muller!
Jasmijn Muller - the new Julia Shaw!