Thursday, 20 August 2015

SEWTTS #10 - North Hampshire 25

Our tenth fixture was held on the popular Bentley course and attracted a whopping 48 women. Conditions were good - warm and not too windy although I hear the traffic count was a little higher than average.

There were no surprises in the results as the series lead contenders continue to reign supreme! Perhaps the ride of the day was from young Sophie Household, who just missed out on going under (1:00:11) riding a road bike with clip ons!

The category honours were as follows:-

Cat 1: Alice Lethbridge ( 57:43
Cat 2: Kate McNeill ( 56:41
Cat 3: Sophie Household (VC St Raphael) 1:00:11
Cat 4: Laura Cubiss (Cowley Road Condors) 1:04:40
Road Bike: Fiona Inskip (Newcomers CC) 1:06:57
Road Bike Vet: Julie Chasin (Kingston Wheelers) 1:06:45

58:37 for Elise Sherwell in her first open TT on a TT bike

Smiley rider of the day award goes to Stephanie Chang!

Cat 1 winner: Alice Lethbridge in 57:43

Great ride by Jane Wiley: 2nd in the Cat 4s

Mathilde Paul: 3rd SEWTTS rider

Embracing the pain with a smile: Julie Chasin! RB winner

The ever consistent Laura Cubiss - Cat 4 winner

Sophie Houshold: Cat 3 winner

Smiley prizes winners at HQ: Dalila Lecky, Kate McNeill and Laura Cubiss

Fiona Inskip - Fastest of the senior Road Bikers
The full results are available here:-

Photos of the event are available here (Facebook account holders only): North Hampshire 25 photos