Monday, 24 August 2015

SEWTTS #11 - Dulwich Paragon 10m

Well not only is the series hotting up, but the weather did too for this one!!! 29 degrees and just light breezes (which inevitably felt like gales to the riders) were the order of the day which made a pleasant change from early season conditions.

The G10/42 is the same course used for SEWTTS #5 and both events had 9 riders in common - chasing the coveted best improvers title and the bottle of bubbly that went with it! Inevitably it's usually the same riders we see taking the category honours at these events so it's nice to see how riders can rise to the challenge of chasing a course PB.

The podium honours in the Improvers category went to the following:-

1st Katie Crowe (Dulwich Paragon) - 2:40 faster!
2nd Gemma Hayes (East Grinstead) - 2:10 faster!
3rd Jo Sloman (Dulwich Paragon) - 2:00 faster!

That is a great achievement. Well done ladies!

A beaming Katie Crowe. 2:40 faster on the day!

The overall standard of the event was very high - featuring 2 x national hill climb champion Maryka Sennema and Kate McNeill - 2nd in this year's National 25. Both did impressive 22 minute rides - as did Mathilde Paul - a great result considering the course is hardly the V718!

Category honours were as follows:-

Cat 1: Maryka Sennema (Paceline RT) - 22:59
Cat 2: Kate McNeill ( 22:21
Cat 3: Katie Crowe (Dulwich Paragon) 23:47
Cat 4: Jane Dennyson (London Phoenix) 25:11
Road Bike: Fiona Inskip (Newcomers CC) 25:46 *
Road Bike Vet: Julie Chasin (Kingston Wheelers) 26:47

Category winners - Maryka Sennema, Kate McNeill, Katie Crowe, Jane Dennyson, Julie Chasin, Fiona Inskip

Commiserations to Olivia Campbell who went off course on her first attempt. However with dogged determination, she returned to the start line and did a restart in a DNS slot a few minutes later recording an impressive 25:16. That would have earned her the category win. It's hard to know how to score this fairly - after much deliberation, I awarded the SEWTTS prizes and podium honours in the road bike category to the following:-

1st Fiona Inskip (Newcomers CC)
2nd Julie Chasin (Kingston Wheelers)
3rd Heidi Shepherd (Dulwich Paragon)

I then awarded points to all the lady road bikers as if Olivia had DNFed (i.e. giving Fiona 100 points etc) - but recognising that Olivia did put in the fastest ride of the day also awarded her 100 points. Other riders did confirm to me that the marshall in question had done some ambiguous hand signals which had tempted them to dead turn at the wrong roundabout.

A special mention also to poor Clara Jones doing her first ever time trial. She managed to snap off her rear mech during the warm up and was unable to compete. Although I offered to include her time in the SEWTTS results if she could arrange a late start on a borrowed bike, she was loath to borrow one in case she broke that as well! I was delighted to see that she had no shortage of offers of assistance back and HQ - her knight in shining armour shortened her chain for her allowing her to single speed it home! Bad luck Clara!

Thank you to Dulwich Paragon for a lovely friendly event.
Smiley Paragonettes - including the doomed Clara Jones (waving on the right)