Monday, 14 September 2015

SEWTTS #12 results - National Circuit Champs

SEWTTS #12 was a little off the normal patch but was included in the series as it provided another opportunity for ladies to compete with the creme de la creme of domestic time-trialling. And the roads surrounding Cranfield University proved to be exceptionally quiet by comparison with those in SEWTTS' traditional catchment area!

The course was a relatively benign course by some circuit championship standards and only called for one trip to the little ring in each of the two 10 mile laps. There were plenty of twists and turns though but an absence of wind making for near perfect conditions.

It was great to see the SEWTTS women's names appearing alongside the likes of Sarah Storey (the eventual event winner) and many off them got treated to her whizzing by as it was a 2 lap affair.

Congratulations to the category winners - it all went to form bar the 4th cats where Jane Wiley did a top drawer ride to overcome the in-form Laura Cubiss.

Cat 1: Maryka Sennema (Paceline RT) - 49:23
Cat 2: Mathilde Paul (Fusion RT Gear Club) - 48:50
Cat 3: Eva Nyirenda (...a3crg) 53:46
Cat 4: Jane Wiley (7 Oaks Triathlon Club) - 55:24
Road Bike: Fiona Inskip (Newcomers CC) - 56:04
Road Bike Vets: Harriet Somers (VC Meudon) 57:20

Jane Wiley - Cat 4 victor

Category Winners - Maryka Sennema, Fiona Inskip, Harriet Somers, Mathilde Pauls

Photos of the event are available here:- Kimroy website