Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sewtts #8 was cancelled due to last minute roadworks appearing on the course. A real disappointment for the organisers and the riders alike.

As a few of the riders who were entered that day contacted me to say that they couldn't ride an alternative SEWTTS fixture, I've decided to award riders an average points score (i.e. based on their average points in their SEWTTS results to date). For riders doing their first SEWTTS event, I've awarded 50 series points. The one exception is Maryka Sennema - as she was the only 1st cat rider entered, I've awarded her 100 points as that's what she would have earned even if she'd pushed her bike round!

No solution is watertight - but that seems the fairest in the circumstances. The alternative was far more painful - a "turbo-off" in the car park..........

Updated results can be found here:-

Monday, 13 July 2015

It was great to see a healthy 27 women on the start sheet for this event notwithstanding the busy time of year and the fact it was on an "unfashionable" sporting course. Not surprisingly it attracted lots of road bike riders and cat 4s, while many of the series' faster women were busy chasing PBs and BBAR times in longer events.

Kate McNeill was the fastest lady on the day at 35:29, - a new ladies course record!
New course record holder - Kate McNeill
However equally impressive was Mel Wasley's ride - a 36:34 on a road bike is something rather special! Well done Mel!! I can't believe she seemingly rode round with a smile on her face and wonder how fast she'd go if she had a proper race face on....
Mel Wasley - amazing time for a road bike!
There was a big showing from London Dynamo in this with many of the ladies doing their first time trial. The smiles all round suggested they'll be back for a few more before the season has ended!

The category winners were as follows:-

Cat 2: Kate McNeill - 35:29
Cat 3: Ulrike Von Saldern - 42:08
Cat 4: Laura Cubiss - 39:54
Road Bike: Mel Wasley 36:34
Road Bike Vet: Harriet Somers 41:00

Prize winners - Wendy, Harriet, Fiona, Mel, Ulrike, Kathryn,  Kate and Anita

Cat 4 podium - 1st Laura Cubiss, 2nd Anita Jones, 3rd Rachael Peterson

The full results can be found here:-

Fiona Inskip
Julie Chasin - nice race face!

Jacinta Moore

Iron-woman - Lucy Francis

TT debutante Wendy Fardell