Prize winners at the 2013 National 50

The idea for a time trial series for ladies in the South East was conceived in 2013 as a means of bringing women TTers of all abilities together to create a fun and more competitive racing environment and to help encourage new participants in the sport.

Lizzie Armistead, Jo Rowsell, Katie Colclough
Time trialling royalty!
Any rider, fast or slow can come and have a go – time trials are a perfect way to be competitive without having to worry about keeping up with others. Everyone has their own goal, their own aspirations and can go at their own pace. So don't be put off if you find yourself on the startsheet alongside an olympic champion such as Jo Rowsell - all we expect is that you do *your* best on the day!

The series isn't just about being the absolute "fastest" and the winner takes all. Riders will be categorised according to their "PBs" (Personal Best times) at the start of the season and the prizes will be shared equally among the different categories from Elite down to Novice.

The "category" system will provide all riders with a pool of similar paced riders against whom they can benchmark themselves week in, week out meaning that a good ride can be had without the benefit of a fast course and "float" conditions! It will also mean that EVERY woman who enters the series will have a chance of winning something!

In an attempt to create a friendlier and more sociable racing experience at series events, I shall request that the event organisers send the women off sequentially in one batch. That will make the start line experience less daunting for newcomers, and the post event tea and cake scoffathon at HQ all the more sociable for all!

So if you are a seasoned TTer or a complete beginner, do come along and give the Women’s Series a go but be warned that this can lead to an all-consuming obsession!

All the details you need to know about the Series and the individual events should be available here on the website but if you are unsure about anything please don’t hesitate to contact me. To receive email updates, click on the "Sign up for emails" button on the top right of this page and/or follow us on Twitter.

I hope you'll be tempted to join the series - this can be done by visiting the "Register for the series" tab. The cost to enter the series is £10 which will be used to fund the prizes and trophies.

Julia Shaw - multiple national time trial champion

The aims of the South East Women’s TT Series are:
To create more opportunities for novice and experienced women cyclists in the South East to race against each other in local time-trials.
To provide a season-long competition for women taking part in time trials and by virtue of the category system, to ensure that women of all abilities  have a chance of sharing in the prizes at the end of the year.
To provide women cyclists in the South East with opportunities to meet informally, to make contacts and to initiate friendships.
To offer beginners a friendly and non-intimidating entry point into the domestic time trialling scene and to potentially benchmark themselves against world class riders and national champions.
To create a framework where riders can use "relative performance" as a performance appraisal tool rather than absolute time. The proposed category system will enable women to identify similar paced riders against whom they can benchmark their performances from one event to the next.

The Series will appeal to:
Novices - who can try out cycle racing with little pressure or formality
Experienced riders - who all too often find themselves competing against men or just one or two other women.
Triathletes - who can use the events for training, to gauge their cycling fitness or to practise pacing themselves for the bike leg in a triathlon.

Annasley Park, Manon Lloyd, Sophie Dorey, Isla Rush

A similar series already exists in the Midlands. Check out their website here:-