Registered Riders

The silhouette yelled out

"Bah !" The silhouette yelled out as the house's animation slung him out his cloudy wedding day into the dark visage. The floors shaking violently yet steady keeping the same tempo where if he could accurately measure the sequence , the bed legs would levitate as his heart pumps and land when it relaxes. Sounds pretty fun right? Wrong not for the poor dark man. The man did not enjoy fluctuations, changes, crescendos or otherwise. Change made him anxious, and nervous to change is become nonexistent, to invite the whispers In he says. As the ground growled louder so did his fury, his neck and face grew volcanoes with hot red blood flowing through what now looked like water hoses .

He sat motionlessfor a brief minute and mumbled "Every day I must be forced to hear the quakes while all the dust rains down throughout the floorboards.... It comes and goes... circling around... dancing and walking and shuffling ..the worst fate of all, stuck on replay seeing the rabid groundhog.. This typhoon runs all over the damn house...... everytime I' trying to fucking sleep!"

Even the old swollen wooden door seems sick of it, it's been beaten and bruised it even looks like a sad face , so sad as if just waiting for the moment to jump off the hinge , wouldnt be too much work , it ' s already missing off one. The sound of lightning strike pierces the air almost as if saying "good night". The noise finally simmers down after about 2 hours and so he lays back on his wooden bed tossing and turning muttering every curse word known to man. After having damned his life for about 120 minutes he let's out an excited gasp his eyes quickly widen, barely revealing his dark green eyes . He quickly jumps up and grabs his white cane and pushes past Ziggy who can do no more than watch and not move, be moved but not see. As the man enters his upstairs office he looks for the remote, the pause button on life. "Where is it?" He repeated with desperation. Immediately he starts knocking books off the table walking back amd forth from one side to another "wheres the fucking whiskey!" He shrieked so loud and high pitched "Wheres the fucking whiskey! "

"Ziggy!! Ziggy!! You backwoods thief where have you hidden it! I'll finish unhinging that pathetic last screw of yours! You and the world , tryna make oppress me I know. You wanna drive me crazy drive me into a sleepless coma or psychosis . It's not going to work hahaha! I see your plans, they wont work, nope! Whatever plot, thought, idea you've planned, I've had them all ,every contingency every death every thing you think I've thought. Enough now, time to quiet the world" he said with great pleasure. "Then you will all be muted , at least for a while . Except when my mind isnt at a 100 I dont confuse the voices to the whispers. The whispers that follow the storm.

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